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Ways to get involved...

1. Create habitat
Monarch habitats need milkweed planted in full sun, no spraying of pesticides and the practice of strategic mowing. If you have land that could be turned into habitat, we can help you plant the milkweed.  
3. Share your expertise
2. Volunteer
To plant milkweed on 100 acres in Brown County, we need a lot of milkweed plants. To get a lot of new milkweed plants, we need both a lot of milkweed seed balls planted this fall and milkweed plugs planted this spring. Sound like fun for the whole family? Volunteers needed! 
Many of you already have wonderful pollinator gardens. We want to know how you created them, what tips you have to share as we create new ones and what you have learned along the way. Pictures if you have them. Contact us here and share your best practices.  
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